Speed dating sucks

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I jumped on that chance, going in with the mentality that even if I don't get a date out of this, at least I will be social and talk with lots of interesting people. I felt the event went really well! There were 11 girls there, and I had a great time conversing with all of them.

We laughed, I flirted with them, and I came home feeling energized and confident. I made my choices I believe I picked 6 or 7 of them women, and went about the rest of my weekend. This morning, I got a notification saying I had no mutual matches, or that none of the women I selected yes to said yes back. I know I went in with the mentality that dates aren't guaranteed, and to only go to have a good time, but I can't help but feel a little hurt that I didn't even get one match. I really thought I did my best at that event.

Speed dating sucks

I don't know why I wrote this. I just feel really, really hurt and kind of down right now. If you thought it went well, I'd consider giving it another shot.

Speed dating sucks

It was only 11 women. I agree! I'm considering doing this as well. Practice makes perfect. Dating comes naturally to very few, and the rest of us need a lot of exposure to make it work. Keep on trying, OP! I'm rooting for ya! That sucks. And the worst part is you might not have done anything "wrong", you just might not have read as "right" for those eleven women. Still super sucks though. Regardless of not getting matches from that particular event, you know that you're not hopelessly awkward. You should carry that confidence with you.

No, you didn't match with those women. But you're a charming guy who can hold his own in conversation and doesn't shut down when flirting with attractive women. That's a big plus and you should keep that in mind. I understand the hurt and the feelings of rejection. I'm sorry that's how it turned out.

I want to feel that, but it's hard to not feel like that aura of confidence I had coming home was more a false sense of confidence instead of actual. I mean, if it was actual, wouldn't I have at least gotten one match? I could see being more accepting of getting no matches if I felt nervous and timid going in that way, the result can be expected. That's what makes it such a hard blow.

I knew a girl who helped to run a few speed dating events. When they couldn't get enough females to up, she and a few others in the organizing committee would put on the name tags and play the part of participants.

Speed dating sucks

Not saying that's what happened at yours, but there are organizations running events like this to profit from the entry fees. Of course these things are just about making money. I've heard some companies hire comedians to 'warm up the crowd', but I've never seen it with any I've found online. The bar is more than happy to give the space for free during off-hours, and there's such an infinite supply of singles the organizers don't care about.

Anyone can organize one. Hell yeah it's just a way to part fools from their money. Speed dating blows and sucks hard. That's what I'm trying to work on. I want to get to that super charming and entertaining level. Black, long sleeve dress shirt, fitted jeans and black Ecco brand Moc Toe oxfords.

Roommate said I looked nice when I walked out the apartment, and he is known for his honesty. I had similar experiences speed dating except the one I went to you got to keep going for free until you actually got a match. Which I did on the 3rd or 4th try except that my match forgot which one I was and never was interested in actually meeting. I quite enjoyed my first time too, but it does quickly suck the fun out of it finding out that what you thought were nice conversations were not viewed that way by the women.

Definitely if you don't get to go back for free if you have no matches, I would just forget the speed dating and just do the online dating. The one that I went to offers a free one if you select "no" for everyone. I wonder if I can suggest offering a free one if you don't get a mutual match to the organizer. Also try eharmony and Coffee Meets Bagel, I had the most luck with those although that was mostly the initial honeymoon period where you get exposed to a lot of women at once.

After a month the amount of attention you get goes down considerably, but not all the way to zero. Something to keep in mind: the other person can view it as a "nice conversation" but not want to date you. I've had plenty of fun conversations at speed dating, and then find we didn't match. This just means that based on your 5 min together, they don't want to date, nothing more than that.

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Speed dating sucks

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