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Below is the OCR text representation for this newspapers. It is also available as plain text as well as XML. There art no conditions except that you present the baby. This offtT hilils pood for tlie entire year. T BT tlll- Km Orffon. ILT I. Ihi- t4 pa. MMN waasi. Om tmth. I Ha Ht. INI lM. Tlie lUU' ot iirKm. I the schemes ni law, Th' legislative travail in over ami whil tht ifiue thereof 1- pre sented tn in in swadilliiii; clothes. Tin- wi' men who have siven it their measure of human.

It is ttjuir chief inheritance, and in inch instance they liest. Kvery legislative deadlock re dueen the respect which the people hold ior their hut-heat law making limly. Method are put in practice to bring personal ambition to triumph, which lower the dignity 01 that Is I Corrupt, degrading, uumanly princi ple are exercised, iirilie givers and bribe taken are created. They would not uidore tlie tint principle upon which a holdup ia iounded.

The men who precipitate such disgraced pnx-eeding, misrep resent their constituency. To turn them down wherever they "hoi. It is the moat. Linger, n- condition of the stale governaient which can be imagin. Thai the vurgi of th. Tn keep state goverumeuts clean, we must MjfJ men to make and en Ions- law, wlio nave a deeper regard ior tlie imjtiM- tioiis of our country than can lie meojiured by a percoual ami. We-muwt waah our hand clean of Uieee oelliih vandals. No matter what heart burnings lion Ho and It may have to nerve ins state, if ue debauch legislatures buy uieu'e honor and souls, corrupt politic and lower the dignity oi the stab- in the - uf the world, his price 1 tou high lo, a free, peoplsvte pay.

Kvery mountain and lollowing out this thought we U the lata! We are a oatiau ol burr lug stranger. Court and Cottonwood Our pursuit 1- lent the ilireetion 01 that worshipful aim. All pathway lead to it. All happiness procee. Is the cree. We build high wheeleil enginefi to carry aj seventy-five miles an hour to wssrd wealth. We put uneworhv crafts to sea, hoping and praying that, by some lucky guidance, they may return laden. We ho i hi tenement blocks story on story high, and crowil iiiniH-cent MMW and children into them, thick as rat in a den our mines are not aulhcientlv suppo'ted.

Is it any wender we IMMW daii,t some itreat. We sow them, ami shall surely reap them. Cannot some humanity aecompanv I the pursuit of wealth. We cast a shadow as truly a the mountain. The eggs of the silkworm are iutctied ny artificial means, and are exceedingly small, weighing about a hundred to the grain. It i cu tomary to place piece of finely punc Hired paper above, the trans which the egga are being Hatched.

As aoon as the worms break thorugh the shell thel cree tlirollgl tile hole- I'l the BUM in their endeavor to get to the light, ami in doing o crae off the piece of shell which may adhere to their bodiea. They are reared room where particular care is taken that an MlMinilance of Iresh air and light are preent. The worms are voracious feeders and begin to increase rapidlv in site from the lav they are hatched As a rule the silkworm moult four times during it life; uualiv about the sixtu. As ssiti as the cater pillars have readied their fuli growth thev climb tiie twig and small branches which have liean prepares ior them, and oeuin the spinning of their cocoons.

The silk glands of the worm consist of two sacks running along tl side of the ls;ilv. In the process of spinning it cocouu the silkworm eject from both glands a line of extremely tine thread, the two filaments from each gland are laid aide by side and are held together by an adhesive secretion from the worm The cocoon are either deep yellowwhite or light green in color, and oviform in ihapu. Their average length is iron, an inch to an inch and a half, and they are from half an inch to an inch diameter.

The aMOOgj consists uf uu exterior mode up of broken and draggling filaments, while the interior layers are densely glued together into a tutw which 1 not in. The uiauufaciure of silk may Is broadly divided under the head uf reel silk aaauufacture and the uiaiiu fuctiir. The lirst melii.

In the snun ailk industry the raw ma tttrial are worke. The first operation is to produce the 'raw silk" of commerce. Tlie i-ocooua are placeal in warm water lor the pur puss, of aoltuniug tiie natural gum with which the tHameut of the cocoon were fastened at the time it was spun. From si v tu tell of the cocoous are put in a hath, and a soon a they are properly softened the thread- of eaa'h are caught up by an attendant on a hue brush, and passed through an eye let lo a raol, upon which they are wound.

The reel consist uf a light, w revolving frame, which winds the ailk into what are known aa akeius, and it is in this form that the ailk is oiually received at the silk mill. The hr-i thiag to be done with the Meioa alter they are taken from the hale i to auak them thoroughly in cnhl water.

The raw silk i too One and delicate for taltltw manipulation, anil ha lu be doubled and twisted to five it the nreeaaary body and strencth. The twisted silk I then wound onto rectangular frames, known as creels or reels, and at the same time i measured off into leDgths of from It is then taken from tlie creels and rolled up into hanks, ready for dyeing. After the silk ha Isieti dyed it is rturned la skeins, which are slipped on over a set of what are known as "oft silk" winders, from which it ia mm in I onto MOON once more. It is then ' iken to the warping department, where the spool- ae placed upon tables which may carry fro n liunp to as many as nJ egs.

In the hand warping machines there will be from IIS to l'. The operator gathers up the ends of silk on each spool and tn-ns the thread onto the nines in the mill, the thre in this case bein wound parallel. The beams tfm then carried to the loom- where the thresds u-e lirst led through a "harness," and then passed 1 through 11 steel "n-d" or comb, there I heiiikt from two to fourteen thre in one "dent.

The harness consist ol a n! The woven fabric is then taken to the packing room, where ail knot, dirt, and stains are removed. The good are now taken to the tintshing department, where it is put through a variety of oxrations which would necessitate another article to adequately descrilie them. Among other operations is that of singeing, to take off any rough nar that may he left on the goisis. The tinai gloss or tinish is MOOfod bv calendering, in which the fabric is raa between a ene of super impiseil stee!

The goisis are then either folded or Wfpppod on blocks ready for the mar ket. Belantigc American. HUnef II r. We also carry a large Inn- of Iioor. Windows and Moulding. Parties contemplating building will do well to see us belore placing their orders. We also carry Cascade Ked Kir good. Phone Main trj.

Oood ac couimutlationa. Keueouahle freiuht and p. Pendleton Planing Mill and Lumber Yard Can sell cheaper than any firm in the county because they buy in larpr quantities. If you need lumber or any kind or mill work call and pet their prices.

TDK I. I N-ISl. Is, tu. A luUf ttuearii Iririith hvl ur curve fltllt tt hun; i-n Hrt. To tti emur mrnr the tttti U1U1 ctltl eiiti cuiiuh tin irt nltflit 1 cittiurstr eihl n-t. Hfctietitnf itiwt. HOD "WnitfT tt4ii hi- 4la? U me fur wlf wxt frtnin when I went ta. Nome II. Htr -t, yu Ktokihv Amutt lu,! Wood and Posts.

Wirt- MW Ihmis. Kvery -in tln uleotrii- linu. I'emlleton Klertrii Supply lluuse. Maple Bros. Farmers Custom Mill f red Waltor Mruprltor. IflO tsarnla a daj riuur iL'bu. Will luan on improved property or will furniali muuey to Isaild witti Will be pluaaed l.

French Restaurant. Uua Utl-tHiialnc. V I t,int Ot v vrh vxitK tuaertion. KK11K user I'cii'll. Tolopbono: OBlre. I HKtiNlr slut aenratl dlsaMlpa. Interest allowi-il or. I poalt. Kxi-baiiKi' hong lit and awilil on si' nrlti ipal points Hpa-Il attetitlou sivi'i toisilt. For couch covers, f tirntshings for a den,' cozy corners, the Funcllettin Woolen Mills Indian Robes arc- just the tiling. Writr- the Milit. For line shut t my, and all bearings uf machinery of the mill or factory it cannot be surpassed : Made from 1 East Oregonian If you ride this season nanaKeir-ent. Give Dm a Trial.

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