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Having genital surgery changes the way you have sex, and maybe how you experience sex as well. You have to discover all over again how your body works sexually. Your sensitive spots remain intact and often you can still have an orgasm. You will get a vagina, a penis or a mini penis, also called a micro-penis.

These are called neo-vagina or neo-penis. A neo-vagina or neo-penis looks almost the same as the penis or vagina of people who are not transgender.

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Your future penis or vagina will also feel and work in more or less the same way. But there are differences:. Trans boys or men who want a penis operation can choose between two types of penis surgery.

After your operation, you still have sexy spots on your genitals. The nerve endings in your sensitive spots, the clitoris or the glans, actually remain intact. With phallo surgery on trans males, the hotspots are in an unexpected place: on the shaft of the penis.

Need to fuck f t m

Stimulating these spots when you're in the mood for sex and are already slightly turned on, produces a great feeling. Often you can have an orgasm as well. The orgasm does sometimes feel different to how it did before. Whether you can enjoy sex after surgery is a complicated question. Are you happy with yourself and with your body? Can you relax? When you make love to someone else: do you feel comfortable with this person?

Do you really like the other person? You also have to practise and try it out to discover how your sexy spots work. For example:. To be able to have good sex with someone else, it helps when you know how your own body works. So masturbate a lot! It is often easier to have an orgasm when you play with yourself, than when you make love to someone else. This is completely normal. After surgery, it takes a while for everything to recover.

The complete recovery of your vagina or penis takes at least 3 months, usually even longer. Take your time and explore. Are you not completely satisfied with the result? Maybe something can be done about that. Many transgender people undergo another minor intervention afterwards; corrective surgery to remedy minor inconveniences. Not everything can be changed. As a trans male, for example, you will never ejaculate with your own penis. This might make you feel sad sometimes, and less able to really enjoy sex. Certain operations are more likely to have complications.

This means that something went wrong during surgery or during recovery. It a good idea to seek help with it. For some transgender people it's as clear as can be: they want gender reasment surgery a sex-change operation. This is more difficult for others. That's why at the gender clinic they help you to make a choice. Besides the gender clinic, you can also talk to other transgender people or a care worker. They can't give you medical details, but they can help you with the practical and emotional side of things. More on seeking help.

Home Your body Transgender Sex after your operation. Sex after your operation. Neo-vagina and neo-penis. But there are differences: You cannot ejaculate with a neo-penis. A neo-vagina produces very little or no moisture, so you need to use a lubricant for sex. Two types of penises. Sensitive spots. Can you enjoy sex? For example: Do you enjoy forceful or gentle stroking? Circular movements? Do you like using sex toys? Do you use a lubricant?

Which type do you prefer? Does fantasising about something during sex turn you on? Not satisfied? Remember, all boys and men are different, including those who are not transgender. It does mean you have an unusual past. There's nothing wrong with that. The same applies to trans girls of course.

Girls and women are all different. You are just a girl or woman with an unusual past. Does it continue to bother you? Have a talk with a care worker. Help with choosing. Also look at What is transgender? Are you transgender? Who are you attracted to? In love and dating. In love with a transgender person.

Need to fuck f t m

Your body and sex. Sex and hormones. Seeking help. What is transgender? Do you feel like a woman, but were born a boy? Or were born a girl but feel like a man? This is called transgender, gender dysphoria or gender incongruence. How do you find out what can you expect?

Need to fuck f t m

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