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A comprehensive travel guide to things to do on Norfolk Island plus where to eat, stay and play on this sub-tropical island paradise. We recently headed over to Norfolk Island for a 4 day short break. Norfolk is a sub-tropical island located half way between Australia and New Zealand at roughly the same latitude as northern New South Wales.

It enjoys a mild sub-tropical climate and a stable year round water temperature. The island is approximately 8 kilometres by 6 kilometres in size.

Multi chat Norfolk Island

If you are wondering what to do on Norfolk Island there is so much choice, you can be busy the whole time or relax and absorb the island vibe. Rent a car and drive around the island. Norfolk Island ro are good quality country lanes which are a pleasure to drive.

Unless you plan on doing a lot tours we felt that a car was essential on the island as there is no public transport. Norfolk has a spectacular rugged coastline and all those cliffs give you an idea how hilly the terrain is. Consider taking a BBQ or picnic to enjoy from the parklands at the top taking in the extensive view and afterwards take the walking track down to the beach. Below you can see Norfolks two uninhabited satellite islands and how close they are.

You can drive right up to the lookout on the top of Mount Pitt for a degree view around the island. There are many gorgeous spots to watch the sun go down over the ocean from Norfolk Island. One of the most popular is Puppies Point, a clifftop lookout on the west coast but for something different pack a torch and head down the trails to one of the many west coast beaches directly below or further along at Anson Bay.

Access to the KAVHA heritage area is free and if you head down in the evening you will see some of the buildings and ruins are lit up. Another fascinating aspect of Norfolk Island is its history with at least 4 distinct periods of settlement with the island being abandoned and remaining uninhabited between each distinct period.

Presumably they were once rowed in to shore but are now towed to the wharf for unloading. For bigger lo two lighters may be lashed together with the load placed across them and they are then towed in. When a ship is in the harbour and the weather conditions are favourable a call goes out on the radio in the morning for the men to come down and get to work. The lagoon at Emily Bay is the perfect spot for snorkelling and swimming.

Meet the goats and taste the organic goat cheese with Emily at the Hilli Goat Farm on the northern coast of the Island. Equally good is getting to relax with great farm and coastal views and taste the cheese prepared in a variety of ways alongside other local produce.

A trip out to this part of the north coast is still worth doing either way. Drive up the dirt road and park in the paddock to explore. Cross the creek over the rocks and climb the narrow hillside trail for some fabulous views.

Multi chat Norfolk Island

Currently from the east you can climb up for some great views or make your way down to the base and beach below. If the waterfall was flowing it would be well worth climbing down for the photo op but there are equally some good and relatively easy to reach viewing points above.

Not only is this potentially the only golf course in the world on a UNESCO World Heritage protected area but there are spectacular coastal views from almost every fairway and green. Anyone with an interest in wildlife, ecology and natural history will enjoy spending the morning chatting with and learning from Margaret as she whisks you around some of the islands hidden gems. We headed up to Mount Pitt first for an overview, then took a walk in the National Park and almost immediately spotted a small group of the endemic Norfolk Island Green Parrots, a bird that is currently the subject of an active conservation project.

These are very similar to the New Zealand Kakariki or red fronted parrot kakariki simply meaning green in Maoriseveral other local species were found along with insects and trees that were pointed out to us with their relevance to the ecosystem on the island. about our experience on the Norfolk Island birding tour. Heading out across the island we spotted a selection of other birds, some familiar to us from Australia, others more unique.

Our final stop was the west coast where Margaret was able to show us, amongst other things a great spot for the Masked Booby roosting on the clifftop. A new one for our life list. Bring a drink or a picnic and take some time to appreciate the solitude, like many parts of the island we appeared to have this gorgeous space entirely to ourselves.

The botanic garden was gifted to the island by a past resident for all to enjoy. It showcases plants that are endemic to Norfolk Island and provides 5 different walking trails through various sections that range from the Boardwalk that is suitable for wheelchairs and strollers through shady forest and open woodland foliage to the Samson Circuit and Rainforest Gully Circuit that are classed as moderate walks with some steep sections and stairs.

There are several ro leading to the start of tracks in various parts. There are a couple of ways to do it, either park at the lookout and take the Summit track or head back down Mount Pitt Road and take the Mount Bates Track as we did. A days fishing, or catching as they call it on the island is easily organised with various tours from the Visitors Centre in town.

Definitely something that would be on our list for another visit.

Multi chat Norfolk Island

The monument marks the landing place of Captain James Cook landed on his second world voyage on 10 October The Captain Cook monument is on the north coast. Follow the boardwalk from the carpark for western views towards Duncombe Bay then continue on down to the monument itself and the lookout beyond. On a windy day it can be a bit blustery out on the point but the view from here is fabulous.

The one on Norfolk Island is a modern version of a historic time and was created by two local artists, Sue Draper and Tracey Yager, to tell the story of Norfolk Islands history. It took two years to create, complete with soundtrack and information boards and has an incredibly realistic effect. The detail in each of the tiny characters in the painting is unbelievable. about our Foodie Favourites on Norfolk island. There is a calendar of popular events covering every month of the year with activies covering the range of music, history, food, sport and nature there is something on offer for everyone.

Whether you visit in January to watch the outriggers punch through the surf in the Ocean Challenge, in June to celebrate Bounty Day with the many island inhabitants decended from the mutineers, or in November for the Norfolk Island Food Festival or to in with Bird Week, you are going to find local events to attend. Eating on the island was, as always, a big part of our travel experience. Norfolk Islanders and their tourism industry have fully embraced fresh whole food and turned their local produce into an asset.

Conveniently located in to heart of town are a of cafes that make a fabulous breakfast, lunch or coffee stop.

Multi chat Norfolk Island

We loved the coffee and food selection at The Olive which quickly became our regular. There are friendly staff and plenty of locals here too who were happy to have a chat about life on the island. The Hilli Goat Farm on the other side of the island offers a substantial afternoon tea as part of their tour heavily featuring their delicious organic goats cheese produced on the property.

Looking for an upmarket dinner? Fine dining with quality produce and creative flavour combinations are on offer at Dino at Bumboras. The decor and atmosphere here is fabulous and a big part of your dining experience.

More centrally located but equally delicious is the Hilli Restaurantyou can dine here for lunch or dinner, or even sit outsite in their stunning garden for a Devonshire tea during the day. What you will find is a great range of self contained units and apartments, hotels, and holiday homes for rent to suit all price points. If you want to treat yourself to the 5-star experience then the Tin Sheds are the property we have our eye on. Interested in other options? Check out a broader range of Norfolk Island accommodation here. There are really two ways you are likely to arrive on Norfolk Island, either fly or cruise.

We flew over on the Saturday flight out of Brisbane. After flying exclusively with Air New Zealand for many years of my corporate career I was still impressed and a little homesick to be in their lounge and aircraft again. With its stable sub-tropical climate Norfolk Island is ideal to visit all year round. The island experiences only two main seasons, the wet winter from April through until August and a dry summer from September through until March.

If you found this article useful please consider saving it to Pinterest. It makes it easy for you to find again, it helps us, and it helps other travellers to find the information they are looking for. Our sincere thanks to Norfolk Island tourism for arranging our visit.

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Multi chat Norfolk Island

Just came on Sat have a great time apart for food in supermarkets the lack off ship to slow to take the the product off 3 days to unload. Are they unloading with the longboats down in Kingston? It's great to watch like a real step back in time but I imagine with the supply issues we are having in Australia and New Zealand over the past year that can only be amplified on the island. I hope it's resolved itself now, we found the local food on the island excellent but the limited basics would be an issue for self-catering.

This was very informative as my friend and I are planning on going in May Really well put together. Thank you. Overseas destinations are a bit of a stretch on a fixed budget but it's relatively affordable and a popular choice for retired travellers from Australia and New Zealand. Friends working as GP there now. Ming Lai, good morning, i have been to Norfolk Is 19 times and would suggest to you to take plenty of paint as the place is beautifull.

Multi chat Norfolk Island

The rugged coastline is such a contrast to Australia's red centre and a very different colour palette - have a great trip. Rent a car and explore the island 2. Visit Anson Bay 3.

Multi chat Norfolk Island

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Multi chat norfolk island