Lexington Park fuck buddy oh

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Lexington Park fuck buddy oh

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Lexington Park fuck buddy oh

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Lexington Park fuck buddy oh

It is not intended for personal except as noted for "plans" by CFS Members. Your Review will not appear online immediately. All reviews are edited before publication and there is a delay of several days. Print Report Problem. Remember Me? Forgot Password? Looking for now Looking for later Not looking. Not a member? Posted Oct 04 Paid my monthly visit, not busy, but did get fucked within ninety minutes by two older guys who had very hard cocks. I thought the first guy's cock was small, but the longer I sucked it the bigger and harder it got, 7". A real grower. He took his time fucking me before he groaned loud.

The second guy sucked my nipples and then my cock as he finger-fucked my wet ass. I was about to cum when he stopped sucking and turned me around and pushed his cock all the way up my ass. He traded off between spanking me and jacking my cock, till I came wildly. Soon after he came. Posted Sep 01 Was on my way here Saturday morning and I was well-prepped, even wearing my my large butt plug as I was hoping for some anal action. However, when I saw the car wash I decided to stop their first. As I was standing by the window watching my vehicle come through, a giant woman, tall and wide, stood not too far away.

Self-conscious, I felt my butt to see if the plug was noticeable protruding. As I reached down to touch it, I felt her eyes on me. I then ambled over to the water fountain. As I was returning to my spot, a guy walked in wearing a wife beater and tight gray sweat pants. He had a very noticeable thick lump running down his leg. He wound up standing between me and the giant woman. I was now even more horny as I thought about his huge member. Wanting it bad, I slowly lowered my shorts half way down my smooth bare ass. About a minute later the guy discretely reached over and begins foundling my ass.

When he found my plug he started to pull and push on it, causing me to squirm, and the soon the giant woman noticed what is happening and leaned her head back to watch. About a minute later I headed for the restroom. As soon as I entered, I immediately removed my shorts and butt plug and greased my ass good. About a minute later the guy walked in, freed his hard huge cock and just pushed into my spread asshole. The only thing he said as I grunted after every hard thrust, "My lucky day.

Fucked my white gf's ass this morning and now yours. I did stop by the adult store, but there was no one there. Posted Aug 17 Stopped in here yesterday to look around. Four booths are open. Got a lame BJ, then sucked a humongous black cock. The young guy wanted to fuck me, but his cock was too thick. Eventually, I relented and said he could push his mushroom-headed cock in, but just a couple inches and that he could jack it 'til he came in my ass. He agreed, and came like a geyser about five minutes later. I think he worked maybe 4" into me and probably had at least another 6" available.

Oh, he said I did pretty good considering! Posted Feb 05 The gloryhole booths are gone but the new booths are big and have a bench in them with buddy windows. Management doesn't care about doubling up. Nice setup. Posted May 01 I am coming here in a few weeks and am wondering if this place still has the gloryhole. Any information is appreciated. Posted Dec 09 Another sweet adventure on a Saturday night. Almost immediately, I had a greedy mouth sucking my big, fat hard-on through the gloryhole. I let the dude suck me for a good twenty minutes before letting him into my booth.

I was going to face fuck him, before emptying my aching balls down his throat. No sooner had I begun, a long, hard black cock came through the gloryhole on the other side. I stroked a bit before telling my cocksucker that I was sorry, but that I wanted to fuck that cock.

He reluctantly left as I lubed my horny asshole and then backed it up against the purple, plum-sized cockhead. It took some effort to get it past my tight sphincters, but it was worth it. My prostate was soon in ecstasy as he began fuck me. About two minutes later, the guy came into my cube, too. He wanted his entire length up my tight ass. I bent over, face to the door, and spread my cheeks wide, but there was not enough room, so I bravely opened the door and stepped into the hallway so I could get his long cock up my ass. I felt no shame as some guys stopped to watch me get sodomized me or even when the Black woman clerk approached us, ordering us to leave!

On our way out, another horny Black guy ed us. Perhaps, he knew we weren't going home just yet. Anyway, we walked silently for a couple of blocks, until I found a three-foot high retaining wall behind some buildings. I quickly removed my sweatpants, re-lubed my eager butthole, bent over the wall, and spread my cheeks wide.

The guys' cocks were already erect and ready to go. The two tag-teamed my pink asshole for at least fifteen minutes, 'til the first guy came. He just laid his big body over me and remained motionless. Although I was immobile, I locked my anus around the base of his deeply inserted cock and soon felt a thrilling, long series of very strong throbs. When he finally pulled out, my ass wiggled violently and then each guy said "Damn! After the second guy unloaded in my ass, I sucked their cocks clean before they took off.

Posted Jun 14 Was here this last Saturday morning. As soon as I entered a booth, a long thick white cock pushed through. I immediately dropped to my knees and began sucking that fine piece of meat. After a couple of minutes of deep-throating, I greased my ass and then centered on the gloryhole.

The dude gave me one hell of an ass fucking! He slammed my ass for almost ten minutes! I paid him back by sucking his cock clean after he gave a big sperm enema. A couple of minutes later I let another dude into my booth. Sucked his cock, too, before I bent over and took his cock up my ass. He gave me a good fucking and came in me as well. I had cumfarts all day long. Bob Report. Posted Nov 30 Had quite an experience one weekend this last summer. Upon entering the booth, I removed my shorts.

Lexington Park fuck buddy oh

Seeing a young Black guy spying me through the gloryhole, I flashed him my naked white ass. A few minutes later, my greased anus was pressed against the gloryhole and I was grunting softly as his BBC plowed my tight rectum. However, after only a couple of minutes, he pulled out of my ass and left. About fifteen minutes later, someone knocked on my booth door.

I opened it to see the Black dude boldly standing there, fully clothed, but holding his completely erect, glistening nine inches. Apparently, he didn't find a better mouth or ass.

Lexington Park fuck buddy oh

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