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Parents' Ultimate Guide to Support our work! Corona Column 3 Use these free activities to help kids explore our planet, learn about global challenges, think of solutions, and take action. Common Sense says Social-networking communities work best for teens. Based on our expert review. Based on reviews. Add your rating. Parents say Kids say April 30, A lot of these reviews are just blown out of proportion. Listen, it's obviously an app for early adolescents, as well as adults.

It even has the Teen rating. For those complaining that sexual content runs rampent all over Amino, you're dead wrong. Sexual content is severely punished across all of Amino, and in basically every Amino. Those Aminos that don't adhere to the no sexual content rule get deleted usually. If an individual is participating in sexual conversation, they'll get banned right away if they're reported. You get banned and are never able to return, and if you make an alternate that one will probably get found out too and then that one will get banned. Stop calling for class action lawsuits.

It's stupid, and you'd just be wasting time and money. It's not Amino's fault your children are engaging in sexual chat and roleplays. So stop saying, "Amino is bad! Amino is full of sick people! It's not. It's actually pretty rare to actually get involved in sex roleplays and chats without actively seeking them. Maybe you should warn your kids of dangers like this on the internet in the first place, rather being scared to actually sit down and have a talk with them about it.

This title contains: Ease of Play.

Chat adult community love

This review Helped me decide. Had useful details. Read my mind. Report this review. Adult Written by Nakafetii s. April 21, Just, listen. My little sister is obsessed with this app. So I thought, "Hey, let me give it a try. I saw all the other negative reviews. It's a good app. Honestly what you have in your case is your child not reporting it to you so you could report it yourself.

Teach them some respect that way. But, overall, this app is good. It can be kid friendly at some points but also cant. It really depends on what fandom your child s. So moderate there phone. I know my little sister would report that stuff, and I have proof she would. I checked her phone when I saw the other reviews and I did see someone trying to have sexual content with her.

Chat adult community love

But the user got banned. So, be a good parent and moderate there phones every day while they're gone at school and if you see something sexual don't go mad at amino, get mad at yourself for not teaching your child to report stuff like that to you. Have a great day. Parent Written by Bobby C April 12, My kids love it I have this app and while there are some Amino communities that are not appropriate, if you teach your kids about online safety they will be fine. Adult Written by Mayor B. April 11, A honest review Ok, let me start with saying that this a social media platform. It has the same expectations from other sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

Now I really enjoy amino. It may have mature content sometimes with lewd rps, vulgar language, and or racism. So if you happen to dislike any of that I do not recommend it.

Chat adult community love

But if you are willing to look past those things you can meet a good amount of people who share your interests, mostly friendly people, and some decent chat rooms along with a lot more. I've seen many reviews bash it due to it's sexual themes. But let me ask you this, is Facebook, or Twitter really any different? I once again believe that this app shouldn't be used if you are a very lets say a person who doesn't like politically incorrect things. Most Aminos that I am in don't have any lewd content. I am in around I think 32 aminos, and only 2 of them have ever had any lewd chats in them.

I recommend this app to mature people who would like to meet some new people, talk about common interests, or just looking to do some rping or normal chatting. This title contains: Language. Adult Written by Anchy N. March 29, I am certainly not a parent however I do know that this, like any social media, is not for children under the age of I have been using the app for several years now and there have been perverted chats I have accidentally stumbled upon.

Still, there are barely any kinds of those as Amino is a community where people talk about their common hobbies together. Also, Amino takes great care in deleting chats as well as blogs like that. Adult Written by Victoria R. March 26, Good for 10 yrs and older. It depends on which communitys youfor example if you Cat Amino or Book Amino you odviously won't see any inappropriate content meanwhile if you Metal Amino you'll find lots of porno's and stuff like that. If your a parent, I would recommend checking the communitys your kid has ed just in case.

If their in one of those Amino's, the probably are feeling sexual attraction and want to know more! Well that's just my opinion.

Chat adult community love

Adult Written by Karen V. February 24, Down the rabbit With that said, this app is dangerous EVEN with monitored use. My 14 yo daughter found her way in to role play and the direct message feature. This title contains: Sexy stuff. Parent Written by Jennifer K. January 12, Adult Written by noahg3 December 11, Each Amino is user-ran. A user starts it, and it grows from there. That initial user has full control of the Amino.

Chat adult community love

They are the "leader". The can as other users as leaders or as curators. This is important to note. As this is a social media platform and is attractive to young teens, you can have children in positions of virtual power over other children the term children here meaning anyone under Amino is a creation of Narvii, Inc. They are notoriously unresponsive when it comes to s and reports, as they are a small company.

Thus most, if not all, reports of inappropriate content get reported to community moderators, who are, again, likely children themselves hopefully older if the initial user is smart enough when building up a moderation team.

Chat adult community love

If the mods are inactive, content can slip by. Even when they are online, I have personally found it more reliable in getting inappropriate content removed to message a moderator I see online than to tap the "Report" button. TL;DR: Communities are, for the most part, self-run, and this can cause issues, especially when the community moderators are as young as the users themselves. As with all social media, users should be careful. Also, to note: yes there can be a prevalence of sexual content. This is due to, in part, I believe, the lack of any real moderation on Narvii's part, leaving the moderation up to the users themselves.

Final note: If your child is using this app, tell them to be careful.

Chat adult community love

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